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Automation: What’s changing?

In recent weeks, I've been working to finish a first draft of a second book 'The Roaring 2020s: How to be Future Ready'. This week is all about the impact of Automation on work. The corporate world is awash with the AI Zeitgeist 'Robotic Process Automation', most of which you can't see as it's about…
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Beyond Psychology, Beyond Mindset – A Future Facing Understanding of the Mind

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week developing new writing and ideas for the forthcoming ‘Roaring 2020’s’ book mentioned here a short while ago. As I dig further into technological shifts and the resulting social changes, it’s more apparent than ever that the work of Piers Thurston and other ‘Inside-Out’ practitioners is essential…
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Spatial Computing – Going where no Finance Professional has gone before!

Written for and republished with kind permission from The way we interact with computers is changing forever as a blend of technologies allow us to cut cables and increase immersion. The spatial era is an opportunity and a risk. ‘Spatial Computing’ might seem like a new idea – one of the endless revolutions in…
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Coming Soon: The Roaring 2020’s

My new book is on the way! It's called 'The Roaring 2020s: A Guide to thriving in a decade that's changing faster than you think!' (Does anyone get the James Cagney reference in the title?) :) This one is as broad-ranging as the 'Future is Now', but hopes to offer the best advice I can…
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