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2025 – The Future of Housing and Lifestyle – Part 2: Inside our homes

Since the late 1990s, the Internet Connected Fridge has symbolised the beginning of Smart Homes. While ridiculed for its impracticality and expense, it popularised the idea of connected devices within our homes. The current definition of a Smart home is 'a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer.' You'll…
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2025 – The Future of Housing and Lifestyle – Part 1: Building homes

The Future of Housing and Lifestyle will affect us all and is particularly pertinent to me as I'm currently working with a housing association to help them explore future strategies. By today's standards, there are some radical approaches being considered in housing that could overcome the lack of land in urban areas: Super-skyscrapers and earth-scrapers, underwater habitats. Also the…
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2025 – The Rise of Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology involves the engineering and design of biological systems with a practical purpose in mind. Another way of describing it is the creation of biological machinery. To accomplish it successfully, it requires a multidisciplinary and integrative approach. This includes the disciplines of biology, computer science, engineering, genetics and medicine. Much of it is an extension of…
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2025 – The Rise of Neural Interfaces

You may be unfamiliar with the term 'Neural interfaces' (NI). Let's start by defining what they are. Very simply, they are interfaces that facilitate a direct connection between our nervous system and computers. The system requires machines to interpret electromagnetic signals from the brain and in return to send modulated signals back to us in a…
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