B2B Lead Generation

The Future of B2B lead generation: Pay only for the leads you receive

No Risk PPC

Securing fresh enquiries is time-consuming and risky. Agencies are great at creating campaigns, but you’ll have to pay them whether it works or not.

We think it’s time for a change. Your marketing partner should have skin in the game – instead of being rewarded for going through the process, they should be rewarded for your success.

Our managed Pay-Per-Click lead generation service has no management or set up fees. You only pay for leads.

You’ll get valuable content using our futurist expertise and knowledge of cutting edge business trends that positions you as a thought leader. This helps your customers better understand their own future needs – always presenting you as the natural, knowledgeable and logical solution.

fof-exampleWe’ll work with you to help you stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, with content that creates strategic, forward-looking value for your customers early in their buying journey, rather than just creating irritating ads which damage your brand.

And with a wide range of content styles, from infographics and cheat sheets to white papers and printed collateral, we’ll help you work out what’s best for your business.

Your content for customers is presented through a continuously optimised Google Adwords PPC campaign – plus we can also target your named accounts through LinkedIn sponsored updates.

We’ll handle everything from creating landing pages and multi-language/multi-region options through to distributing content and managing your leads.

landing-pageYou’ll get an instant alert for every new enquiry and you can access all enquiries through a dedicated web page.

Alternatively, run it through your own marketing automation system –
everything we do is transparent and open.

AND BEST OF ALL, YOU ONLY PAY FOR WARM LEADS - when someone signs up to receive your content.

Budget and lead prices agreed upfront, so there are no nasty surprises; and with typical per-lead fees of £80.00 - £150.00, it’s no surprise that many clients choose to extend and build upon their campaigns.

Join previous clients like Accor Hotels, Avis Budget, Capita, Dialog Semiconductors, Epicor Software, National Grid, SAB Miller and many more.

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