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3. ‘Hybrid Working for a better world’ (video)

Significant debate exists between those who advocate for remote VS on-premise working. Survey data shows younger generations especially are looking forward to returning to a physical workplace. Older generations fared better throughout the pandemic due to increased homeworking space/capacity. The truth is, there isn't a uniform approach that caters to everyone. Hybrid working - part…
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2. ‘Return to the Physical Workplace’ (video)

As we plan for returning to workplaces, it's critical to consider what these look like. Aside from cultural shifts in remote working, expect significant new legal precedent being formed as debates rage on new systems and processes. Are the days of the 'Mega HQ' waning in favour of shared, distributed workplaces? All this and more…
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Last night: My First Meeting in Virtual Reality

One word - Extraordinary. I'd no idea what to expect when joining Gabriele Romagnoli for his 'How to Pitch XR' gathering in BigscreenVR last night. I didn't attend for the content (which was excellent), but to discover how VR could be used for events and meetings. Reflections on what made the experience: The sound quality…
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