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Is Computer Security getting better or worse?

Joining me for the second Futurist.Matt podcast is Chris Monteiro, Senior Systems Admin by day, Cybercrime researcher by night. During the short 15 minute audio, we discuss the following questions: 0:37: What started your interest in Cybercrime? 1:15: What happened with the Ashley Madison dataleak? 2:12: What did the hacker do with data once it was stolen? 2:40:…
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Where’s the future of Consumer Banking?

Joining me for the first Futurist.Matt podcast is Jason Bates, Co-founder - Mondo Bank. During the short 10 minute audio, we discuss the following questions: 0:30: Why start a bank? 0:55: What's different about Mondo? 2:30: What trends in society make Mondo possible? 4:30: Where could Mondo be in five years time - subject to…
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