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Is Computer Security getting better or worse?

Joining me for the second Futurist.Matt podcast is Chris Monteiro, Senior Systems Admin by day, Cybercrime researcher by night. During the short 15 minute audio, we discuss the following questions: 0:37: What started your interest in Cybercrime? 1:15: What happened with the Ashley Madison dataleak? 2:12: What did the hacker do with data once it was stolen? 2:40:…
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Cybercrime – What’s changed?

There's no doubt about it. Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated. However, so are the protection measures. As long as one exists, so will the other. In the previous post, I looked at one of the earliest computer security crimes involving Roswell Steffen and the embezzled $1.5m in 1973. A landmark case in 1988 involving…
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What’s up with Computer Security Crime?

  This is the first of a short series exploring Computer security and Cybercrime. Before we look at Cybercrime in any depth, it's important to define it. It's essentially a word describing any crime committed through the use of computers and often using the internet. Notably, the US Department of Justice expands on this to…
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