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ATTN: Manufacturers – Time to Intensify Your Drive into Services

Servitization adds a service or solution-based offer to traditional product offering. It can be lucrative. But where do you start? The Manufacturer is presenting a new webinar at 10.30am on 28 September to help manufacturers get to grips with the opportunities available through servitization. The webinar presenters, James Woudhuysen (visiting Professor at London South Bank University) and Matt O’Neill (Independent Futurist), have…
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Future of Supply Chains: Part 1 – From Chains to Networks

What used to be the supply chain is increasingly the ‘supply network’. This is the inevitable result of the challenges facing today’s global supply chains. As organisations seek to grow and expand into new markets, they have to look at whether existing supply chains are capable of servicing these objectives. Supply chains have never been…
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The Future of Food Production – Part 1: The Problem

The UN predicts global population is set to rise by 2.5 billion by 2050. Effectively, that’s adding a population the size of China and India combined. It will require us to double our food production output. Throw in the fact that 1 in 9 current inhabitants of our planet are ‘chronically hungry’ right now, and we’ve…
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