IABC Event – London – 16th May: The Future of Business Communication

“Future fit communications: Connecting trends, strategies and actions”

“If a leader’s job is to anticipate the future, and guide their people towards it, a communicator’s job is to spot the trends shaping that future and anticipate what audiences will need. This half-day conference will help you make those connections.

Never has seeing the bigger picture been so important for communications practitioners and this IABC conference is all about connecting you with the ideas, people and impetus that can help you make a difference back in the business – both immediately and in the long term”

I’ll be speaking about three trends that are set to change the world of business communication. Together we'll explore:

  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence 
  • The growth of visual communication
  • Why ‘Soul’ matters more than ever

For full details goto:

Event page: https://iabcemena.com/event/future-fit/
Ticket page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/future-fit-communications-connecting-trends-strategies-actions-tickets-23588816786

I hope to see a few of you there.

Thanks for reading!

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