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Why ‘Dark Data’ will be both a threat and an opportunity!

“Dark data” is the data we routinely store during day-to-day business activities, but which we fail to put to any use. And it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we now have the computing power to analyse and use this data for commercially valuable purposes. The problem in the past has been that this…
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Why I changed careers to help organisations prepare for their futures.

The journey here started in 2006 while beginning to build global networks of creative and technical people to work on client projects. Between us, we started sharing trends - ultimately making us more aware and greater than the sum of our parts. In the early part of this period, we mostly focused on the technical…
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Where’s the future of Consumer Banking?

Joining me for the first Futurist.Matt podcast is Jason Bates, Co-founder - Mondo Bank. During the short 10 minute audio, we discuss the following questions: 0:30: Why start a bank? 0:55: What's different about Mondo? 2:30: What trends in society make Mondo possible? 4:30: Where could Mondo be in five years time - subject to…
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