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Why the Future is personalised — Part 2: “My Story” and Digiphrenia

I’ve looked at customisation and personalisation in a marketing context before, and I mentioned Coke’s customised named bottles and Starbucks’ habit of writing your name on the cup. Brands appreciate that with identity comes a sense of belonging, of ownership; and that’s why customisation is such an appealing marketing tool. We are, however, becoming ever…
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IABC Event – London – 16th May: The Future of Business Communication

“Future fit communications: Connecting trends, strategies and actions” “If a leader’s job is to anticipate the future, and guide their people towards it, a communicator’s job is to spot the trends shaping that future and anticipate what audiences will need. This half-day conference will help you make those connections. Never has seeing the bigger picture…
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Why the future is personalised – Part 1: Products

Personalisation isn’t new.  I can remember the day my mum gifted me a “Me and Mayor Stubbs”  book. It was something about a rabbit collecting Easter eggs. The detail escapes me, but I still remember after 32 years that ‘Matt’ was a central character. I was the story. But product personalisation is being taken to…
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