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The Future of Food Production – Part 2: ‘Cricket Garlic Bread’ anyone?

Since beginning my journey as a Futurist 8 months ago, I’ve become incredibly optimistic about the power of innovation to solve so many of our challenges. In part 1, we looked at the challenges facing food production today. Here, we’ll explore some of the new developments which present solutions to those challenges. Let’s begin with…
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Virtual Reality: Enhancing reality, or redefining it completely?

"This is what virtual reality holds out to us - the possibility of walking into the constructs of the imagination." - Terence McKenna Most of us love words as they let us conjure up ideas in the imagination. I remember well the telling of campfire horror stories as a Boy Scout. The storyteller had us…
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Terrorism / Counter Terrorism – 21st Century Cat and Mouse

As the well-worn phrase has it, "One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. And as an equally well-worn phrase tells us, “history is written by the victors”: those with power mould the ongoing narrative of countries and governments; and decide which groups are characterised in any particular way. For the purposes of this article,…
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