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Why the Future is personalised — Part 2: “My Story” and Digiphrenia

I’ve looked at customisation and personalisation in a marketing context before, and I mentioned Coke’s customised named bottles and Starbucks’ habit of writing your name on the cup. Brands appreciate that with identity comes a sense of belonging, of ownership; and that’s why customisation is such an appealing marketing tool. We are, however, becoming ever…
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Why the future is personalised – Part 1: Products

Personalisation isn’t new.  I can remember the day my mum gifted me a “Me and Mayor Stubbs”  book. It was something about a rabbit collecting Easter eggs. The detail escapes me, but I still remember after 32 years that ‘Matt’ was a central character. I was the story. But product personalisation is being taken to…
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How will Artificial Intelligence impact News gathering and reporting?

You might think that above is just another sensationalist website. It’s certainly sensationalist. But MediaMass is not just another website! First off, all the news reported on MediaMass is completely fake – indeed, it’s an exercise in proving that you shouldn’t believe everything you read. But more importantly for our purposes, none of it has been…
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