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“Future Fit Communication” – Slides

It's been an enjoyable week here at Futurist.Matt. On Monday, I was invited to speak at IABC's 'Future Fit' Communications event at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.  Together we explored three growing trends transforming the world of Corporate Communication: The impact of Artificial Intelligence The growth of Visual communication  Why ‘Soul’ matters more…
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“News from the Future” – When the Algorithms Collaborate

Yesterday I was privileged to be invited to speak at the IABC ‘Future Fit Communications’ event in London. Together we explored three trends set to change the world of corporate communication: - The impact of Artificial Intelligence  - The growth of Visual communication - Why ‘Soul’ matters more than ever As a bit of fun…
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Choosing a video ident for Futurist.Matt – Which one works best?

In the coming months, Futurist.Matt will be producing more video content. Some of it surprising and unusual :) With that in mind, I asked the ModComms team to put a few idents together, one of which will be used for branding purposes on all future videos. I like them all for different reasons. However, keen to…
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