Creating your Post-Lockdown New Normal: Virtual Speaking and Workshop topics


The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world. Everyone is asking questions. How and when will restrictions be lifted? How will life be reshaped?

New tracking technologies could make life manageable in the short term, but at what cost? The digital ethics questions they raise seem trivial in-the-moment but are a welcome gift to autocrats as we emerge.

Could the virus mutate, rendering vaccine development nearly impossible?

One thing's for certain. There are more questions than answers. While I don't pretend to offer those answers, I'm sure that they exist through a generous, collaborative effort.

Below is my range of speaking and workshop topics. They are available separately or combined to help you create your new normal rather than be a slave to it:


The future is less predictable than it has ever been, because the COVID-19 pandemic connects health, political, consumer and market uncertainty. Forecasts include a collapse in customer demand, significant regulatory change and possibly draconian citizen controls, supply chain interruptions, unemployment and recession. Equally, many see opportunity, from environmental improvements to new business segments supporting the “new normal”

I will give you: Rational, forecasted implications for 3, 6, 12 and 24 months out from now.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw businesses move millions of employees into home-working in a matter of days. So what does the future workplace look like? In the short term, social distancing will still apply; in the long term, some employees will not just continue
to work from home, they will refashion their whole careers more flexibly.

We look at healthcare, legislation, the impact of technologies (including the digital ethics of monitoring technologies) to give a rounded understanding of the future of the workplace.

I will give you: The insight to plan your physical estate across 6, 12 and 18 months.

Digital technologies have already changed the workplace to bring us efficiency and mobility. The next generation of virtual tools promise to take productivity and immersion to the next level. With Virtual Reality for example, your remote co-workers will soon be sitting in shared boardrooms and collaborating in real-time remote environments.

We will see the future with a demonstration showing how VR will help virtual workers thrive, we will discuss capacity building for collaborative working. Separately how to define KPIs in the new normal and how to equip your IT team to capitalise on other cutting edge collaborative technologies

I will give you: A range of ‘on the horizon’ technologies and their applications across 6,12 and 18 months.

Agility has always been prized, but facing the greatest social, geopolitical and technological unpredictability of the capitalist era, operating at speed has never been more important. We’ll take you through the key strategic techniques - forecasting, backcasting and scenario planning – to take information out of your business and apply it to a workable plan.

We’ll look at real-world examples of innovation success to fit the ‘now’ and scan some of the opportunities on the horizon for dramatic and profitable change.

I will give you: Reliable strategies you can put to work right now to secure your business future.

The experience of Coronavirus showed that the impossible becomes possible when the shackles of day-to-day thinking are put aside. The NHS built a hospital in a fortnight, and millions of businesses implemented home-working in a matter of days. This is how startups act all the time – switching strategies to resolve and even profit from unpredictable external influences.

We’ll look at real-world examples of businesses which have proven their resilience and capacity to adapt; re-examine the startup mentality and see how this innovative mindset can be preserved long after Covid-19 is a distant memory.

I will give you: Startup strategies and survival stories which will give new impetus to your business.

For now, the cold call is dead. Yet technology – from LinkedIn to Google – also leaves customers cold and feeling commoditised. We are crying out for salespeople to treat us with humanity, to feel like we matter to our suppliers, and to see that those suppliers act with integrity.

In this session, we will look at corporate values, particularly integrity. We will lay out the principle of ‘Insight Sales’ and discover why it matters; and explain how to build and maintain ‘virtual relationships’ (Equally, we will show why ‘virtual events’ are not always a good idea).

I will give you: A playbook for salespeople and marketers seeking new and deeper client engagement, now and after the lockdown.

COVID-19 will accelerate new business models, the deployment of technologies will revolutionise the workplace. It will be a challenge both for employees and the leaders who must take them forward from the front. In this session, we will lay out the skillset which managers at all levels will need to enhance virtual team management and present strength in uncertain times.

We will explain how to build future contingent (human) capacity and technological (automated) capacity for future-ready resilience. And we will examine the emerging technologies which will make leadership decision making more effective and reliable.

I will give you: The tools, techniques and ideas required to move from command-and-control to a collaborative yet forward-looking leadership team.