Futurist Media Production

Futurist Media Production


It’s one thing to engage us for 5 – 150 people. But how do you then spread the word and seek greater input and buy-in from the wider organisation?

One of the things I’ve learned planning business events is the importance of communication. In 2005, with social media just prior to mainstream, we started to experiment with the use of blogs to augment Physical events; to widen their reach and encourage dialogue from those who couldn’t attend.

Our first major project of this nature was for English Heritage. They were hosting a first-of-its-kind conference for people working in Heritage Outreach. With 300 attendees, but 1200 people in the sector, we soon saw first hand the power of social media in garnering ideas, support (and dissent) as the platform engaged people before, during and after the event. It was a thrilling insight into wisdom of the crowd!

Following on, we also realised that most events didn’t actually deliver any lasting value. Since then, my colleagues and I have always tried to incorporate distinct media components into our events, aimed at:

  • widening reach
  • disseminating ideas
  • inviting input
  • staying front of mind for longer

Maybe you want to capture the outputs of your workshops for wider sharing? Maybe you want to involve your people around the country or the whole world, in real-time? After all, ideas are like DNA – they spread and mutate – often into even better ones. We are keen to work with all our clients to mediate and propagate the ideas you generate.

Through ModComms and EventExtra, we have plenty of ideas; here are just a few:

Virtual Events

Virtual Event ScreenshotEngage your teams around the world with live video links.

Participants from around your regional or country offices assemble in meeting rooms to view the presentations, live, in large-screen format. All participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the central hub through the Q&A interface.

We can also provide experienced ‘Find the Future’ facilitators in your regions to run the satellite sessions locally and bring the event alive for everyone.

Feedback from each location is aggregated and presented back to the wider group for consideration and inclusion into the final ‘future graphic’ – so all voices are heard.

Video Production

James Woudhuysen filmed and edited by www.modcommslimited.comVideo is a great way of sharing relevant trends across the organisation in an engaging and timely way. Indeed, it is a key part of the “Text to Visualisation” trend discussed on this website.

Our expert video production team can film live events, develop motion graphics, construct app demonstrations and walkthroughs. We create explainers, interviews and talking heads, corporate films and much more.

Once completed, we can securely host your video content and even produce a microsite for additional context. Alternatively, use the HD files on your own platforms (internal, YouTube, Vimeo etc.). You could also use video from 'Find your Future' workshop to share across colleagues, thus increasing the investment made from the workshop itself. It could even be shared on custom produced PitchPacks for additional impact.

Visual Minutes

Visual Minutes from Epicor 2015 conference produced by www.modccommslimited.comWith VisualMinutes, our highly skilled artists capture the key ideas, themes and outcomes emerging from your ‘Find the Future’ session – in real time!

Our artists are trained to identify and capture the main ideas under discussion, transforming and visualising them onto a large-format graphic wall – all in full view of your event, conference or seminar delegates .

It is a novel and highly valued approach to minute-taking which uses a graphic platform to encourage clear communication and productive debate. Using pictures - and often humour - releases creativity among participants as well as providing a permanent and shareable graphic synopsis of the event and its outcomes.


PitchPack - Hybrid Folder, Hybrid Book, Standard PitchPackIt’s one thing to institute thought leadership. It’s quite another to get it noticed. In a world that’s saturated with media, PitchPack really stands out.

With PitchPack, we can present your video content in completely self -contained ‘Video in a printed card’ packs. They are an innovative, high-impact way to get your content seen that both surprises and delights.

PitchPacks make a great precursor to a ‘Find your Future’ session, encouraging people to think about some of the key ideas to be discussed. Alternatively, they make an effective follow-up to sessions, containing some of the ideas developed in the session for further consideration by participants.


Cut out from Epicor Infographic produced by www.modcommslimited.comInfographics are a highly visual way to present complex concepts quickly.

We can take your lengthy white papers, the heavy statistical analyses of surveys or other complicated sources of insight and distil them into engaging visualisations which instantly communicate the key facts.

We can act as your “second pair of eyes” to extract the most relevant and engaging points for each given communication. We can help build an effective visual treatment to get those points across.

We can manage the production process to give your infographic the best exposure across both digital and print media as images, PDF documents, posters and more.