“Find your Future” Seminars

Find Your Future Seminars

Find your Future Seminars are perfect for:

- Taking a long-term strategic view; and focusing your resources accordingly
- Developing new sales and marketing plans, discovering new opportunities
- Building the confidence and resilience to escape short-termism
- Developing sound corporate values fit for the 21st century
- Improving customer relevance and quality of service
- Revitalising departments and teams - creating genuine employee engagement
- Communicating more effectively, both internally and outside the organisation
- Finding ways to recruit the best people – and retain them

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They are the ideal, tried-and-tested process by which our trend-spotting and research can be applied to the challenges you face today; as a business, non-profit, department, team, board or even individual.

Bespoke Trends App for your workshop in partnership with Future Navigator

Bespoke Trends App for your workshop in partnership with Future Navigator

We blend the latest technology and information (via the 'TrendNavigator" app) and a face-to-face workshop programme to establish the trends which will become priorities in your spheres of interest.

Starting with high-level trends, we will rank and prioritise them according to your needs and objectives. We can bring in expert witnesses, patch authority contributors in via Skype, or present richly researched pre-recorded experts to help structure the conversation and provide context. We will progressively work with participants to distil these key trends down into those which are most relevant.

These sessions are highly interactive, indeed they are sometimes quite challenging as the status quo is questioned. We aim to force your team to work together as a group in challenging their preconceptions and norms; and instead to envision the future – no matter how counter-intuitive or unlike the present that may be.

The outcome is a completed 'Zooon' workbook, a completely customised visualisation which makes clear to all participants what skills they or their organisations need to nurture in order to reach their desired objectives. Participants will leave with a deep understanding of emerging trends and a clear idea as to how to progress their futures meaningfully and profitably in this new context; whether as individuals or a group/organisation.

“Find Your Future” Seminars are collaborative at heart, but can also be completely customised for an even more engaging and powerful experience. Through EventExtra, we can create fully immersive events with spectacular AV and rich-media tools to allow participants to work, record and share information effectively. And through ModComms and PitchPack we can maximise the learning effect both for participants and the people around them, making learning points stand out and enhancing communication before, during and after the events for maximum return on investment.

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