Immersive Events

Immersive Events


We’ve all been to work-related events which – irrespective of budget – end up being dull, unproductive affairs which leave us bored and stultified.

You know the sort – seated in rows with endless speakers and soulless PowerPoints.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Futurist.Matt and the EventExtra team are expert at creating playful, inspiring environments in which to make considering the future a fun and enriching experience.

Immersive Events are the perfect antidote to the tedium of so many events you've been to in the past.

We aim to:

  • Provide a visually stimulating event environment
  • Engage and motivate your wider organisation
  • Deliver on real outcomes to take forward
  • Gain lasting value from your investment

We will create the perfect visual environment, whether for smaller groups or a full conference setting. We can provide full stage sets, creative lighting, area management and breakout spaces and super wide screen visuals and graphics.

A ‘Soup to Nuts’ experience

In addition to handling venue search/selection, outstanding hospitality, AV (the ‘hygiene’ factors and making sure everything works), we will work closely with you to establish key content, external speakers and can even set up and run online platforms to engage the wider organisation, in real time: a full ‘soup to nuts’ experience that is unforgettable for your team.

We can even provide and manage experienced AV teams around the world to work in collaboration with your central ‘hub’ event, moving your entire organisation forward as one.