TechXLR8: What do we mean by ‘Learned’ and ‘Intuitive’ mind?

What do we mean by 'Learned' and 'Intuitive' mind?While putting together the 'Rediscovering our Humanity' presentation for TechXLR8, it occurred to me some participants might find a set of definitions around 'Learned' and 'Intuitive' mind helpful. They are based on my interpretation and are loaded ideas which I recognise others may think differently about:

Learned Mind

Conceptualisation: Structuring our understanding of the world.

Rationalisation: Making externally created ideas fit our worldview.

Judgement: The level to which we are attached to a concept or outcome.

Knowledge/Skills acquisition: Traditional learning and training.

Content creation: Our ability to manifest ideas into the world. EG Speech, Writing or Making a cup of tea.

Egoic thinking: Anytime we think we are right.

Intuitive mind

Connection: A feeling of intimacy. (Example: Talking about football – enjoying sharing a concept OR Romantic love.)

Bodily functions: Actions not controlled by us at a conscious level. Heartbeat or sleep as examples.

Realisation: Capacity for realisation – Becoming aware of a new fact. 'Bob' and 'Lisa' as examples.

Purpose: Motivation resulting from a sense of oneness between head and heart.

Resilience: Bodies heal themselves. We also have innate psychological healing too.

Clarity: An obviousness about a situation in life.

Creativity: Imagination creating something original – Inventiveness.


Flow state: Energised focus on what we are doing in the moment.

Special thanks to Piers Thurston of Making Change Work for helping develop and clarify these ideas!

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