Jason-BatesJoining me for the first Futurist.Matt podcast is Jason Bates, Co-founder – Mondo Bank.

During the short 10 minute audio, we discuss the following questions:

0:30: Why start a bank?
0:55: What’s different about Mondo?
2:30: What trends in society make Mondo possible?
4:30: Where could Mondo be in five years time – subject to banking licence.
5:25: Where will Mondo lead retail banking?
6:44: How does Mondo relate to wider changes in society?
8:42: What services will Mondo focus on?

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What do you think? Does Mondo and its mobile ilk represent the future of banking in general or is it something else? Drop your thoughts here!

If you’d like to reach Jason, you can find him on Twitter via @jasonbates.