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Becoming Superhuman!

Supercharge your productivity through the new AI ecosystem and future-ready life hacks.

Imagine a world where you can harness the power of AI to skyrocket productivity and creativity, while also providing your team with the flexibility they crave. With new approaches, we can have it all. “Becoming Superhuman” is a cutting-edge keynote that will change the game for you and your organisation. Discover the latest technology and future-ready life hacks that will transform your business and help you become exponentially more productive and happier too, all with less effort, including:

  • AI and the world of work: Making sense of the key concepts, value, and advances.
  • GPT-4: Understand its use in context with your needs. Discover advanced prompting techniques (customised for each audience).
  • The Wider AI Ecosystem: See the landscape of what you can use today. Understand where it's heading.
  • Developing yourself for the AI Age: Techniques to develop your synthesising mind and how Resilience 2.0 will make you future-ready!
  • Bringing it together: The Key Takeaways: Assistive NOT Replacement technologies, Computerisation AND Humanisation.

I will give you:

  • The insights, tools, and techniques to supercharge
    your productivity.
  • The mindset and life hacks to handle rapid technological change.
  • The perspective to understand what AI is capable of and where it's heading.

The Future of Work

Navigating the New Economics of Talent, AI and Multi-Generational Workplaces in a Post-COVID World

So you thought Covid was disruptive? What about the new economics of talent in today’s more challenging market? What about the awesome power of AI? Equip your organisation with future-fit thinking on the workplace in a keynote designed around you to include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Understanding automation and how we can work alongside tech
  • Skills: What do leaders and teams need to thrive – and how will continuous learning play a part?
  • Multi-generational Workplaces: How attitudes to work change across the generations – and how we can work together effectively
  • Workplaces: The new rules of physical and hybrid engagement – and into the metaverse
  • Jobs of the Future: Where will future jobs come from, and how will roles in your industry evolve?

Previously customised for:

  • Advertising Executives
  • Bankers
  • Corporate Boards
  • CEO Groups
  • Creative Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Finance Leaders
  • HR Directors
  • Media Leaders
  • PR Managers
  • Retail Executives
  • Supply Chain Leaders

Leading in a VUCA 2.0 World

Equipping Leaders with the Mindsets, Skills, and Strategies for Success in an Uncertain Future

Leadership happens from the front. And that’s tougher than ever when the rules of business are less predictable than ever before. My keynote is designed to equip you with the insight and tools to materially improve your value and focus on delivering outcomes in a changing world, including:

  • Future of Leadership Skills The mindsets and skills you must develop, how to continually learn and augment your abilities; and what skills to nurture in the people you lead, too
  • Enlarging leadership: Why leaders of the future will need a new attitude to succession
  • The New VUCA: leadership methodologies when shocks are the default, not the exception
  • Intergenerational leadership: how to engage from Z-to-Beta. Examining the expectations of the future workforce.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Understand the evolution of AI and manage the coming wave of disruption

Previously customised for:

  • Association Executives
  • Academics
  • Banking Professionals
  • CEO Groups
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Facilities Managers
  • Finance Leaders
  • Housebuilders
  • HR Leaders
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Mobility Professionals

The Future of Tech

Beyond AI - Exploring the Bedrock and Interface Layers of 21st-Century Technologies

Everyone is talking about AI – and it is indeed one of the most transformative technologies of the century. And yet… it’s one of many. My technology keynote includes:

Two Foundational layers, the bedrock of other 21st-century technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI, automation, and why society will need to adapt.
  • Biotechnology: The evolution from mechanical to organic and the problems they will solve.

A range of Interface layers that will build on the foundations outlined above:

  • Augmented Reality: History, applications, and development of computer-generated imagery projected onto the real world.
  • The Metaverse: The promise (and lies) of fully immersive computer-generated environments
  • Holography: Why it’s nothing new, what it looks like and why it could be a while before going mainstream
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces: The implications of communicating with machines and each other using the power of thought – including Cybersecurity for the brain!

Previously customised for:

  • Academics
  • Corporate Boards
  • CEO Groups
  • Corporate Boards
  • Digital Nomad Groups
  • Education Professionals
  • Event Organisers
  • HR Leaders
  • Innovation Leaders
  • Legal Professionals
  • Manufacturers
  • Retail Executives
  • Software Leaders

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