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OpenAI’s Altman and Makanju on Global Implications of AI – My TLDR!

In elections, it's crucial to set strict rules for AI usage. This includes banning AI in campaigns and using cryptographic watermarks on AI-generated images to keep elections transparent and honest. For example, political parties employing AI for outreach must respect privacy laws to protect voter data. Effective use of partnerships and in-house tools is vital…
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How do we make sure everyone benefits fairly from AI?

Recently, at a major event in Davos, someone asked me a deep question that made me rethink how AI's benefits are shared fairly. I realised I didn't have a good answer, showing a major gap in my research. This made me feel responsible for looking deeper into the topic. So, I started to explore it…
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AI Predictions for 2024: A few thoughts from me!

As I look ahead to 2024, I see the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) bracing for unparalleled growth and innovation. Here are some key predictions and trends to watch out for: Rise of Personalised AI Assistants: I believe this year will mark a surge in AI personal assistants. These systems are becoming more tailored to…
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