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PALM-E: A Game-Changer for Robotics and a Threat to Jobs?

Hey there! Exciting news! On Monday, Google unveiled their newest robot, PALM-E! It's super powerful, equipped with over 562 billion parameters (that's more than 3 x ChatGPT's), and it can do things that other robots can't. PALM-E can learn from sight, speech and the written word to handle real-world scenarios and plan detailed tasks all…
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THIS WEEK: GPT-4 – The Tool That Will Make You Superhuman!

Hey all! Microsoft is set to announce its latest creation this week, the Large Language Model known as GPT-4. This incredible advancement in AI is expected to be a major step forward from what we've seen in ChatGPT. Firstly, GPT-4 will not be limited to just text - it's set to revolutionise the way we…
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