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6. The ‘Future-Ready’ Keynote Series – “Science and Spirituality”.

It's worth remembering that modern Psychology is only around 130 years old. Yet spirituality (arguably) has its roots in Neanderthals choosing to bury their dead. We see pioneers at the edge of modern science discover the spiritualists and mystics were always right in their understanding of what it means to be human. Academics such as…
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5. The ‘Future-Ready’ Keynote Series – “Questions and Answers”.

'How come time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana?' - It's a fun question used in linguistics, but also as part of some Turing tests to establish if machines exhibit intelligent behaviour. Computer scientists aren't aligned about when machines could reach human-level intelligence. Some forecast 2030, others, 2100. It'll only be…
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3. The Future-Ready Keynote Series – New Showreel

We can never be future-proof, but we can be future-ready. As the world navigates its way past the pandemic, equip your teams with the foresight to gain new competitive advantage. I show you the trends that are shaping our lives in realistic and human terms; and how you can apply them to build your positive…
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