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2. The Future-Ready Keynote Series – “Science Fiction to Science Fact.”

In 'The Big 21st Century Trends', we explore the big technologies and challenges facing our species. Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Future of Work and Climate Change. What should audiences be aware of and how can they live harmoniously and productively in a dramatically changing world? Together, we look at the foundational technology layers that are enabling…
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How to Future Proof Your Life and Career

The world is changing fast around us – so do you ever wonder what that means to your career and life? In this interactive discussion, we’ll be blasting through a variety of future facing topics aimed at bringing clarity and raising questions in an exponentially changing world. This event is curated by Matt Kendall of…
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’The Future is Now’ book – Out now!

The Future is Now is a set of signposts to a world gripped by accelerated change. Technological innovation continues to raise the standard of living for billions of people around the world. But it’s not without its social, cultural and political consequences – and we are on the cusp of inevitable change to our businesses,…
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