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Using AI to Talk about Israel/Palestine More Thoughtfully Online!

The current Israel/Palestine debate is already causing a tinderbox of heated dialogue online, particularly as it’s an emotive issue on which most people vehemently polarise to one side. It made me wonder: couldn’t AI help us to chat online with more nuance and less drama? Better yet, could it help us to better understand one…
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48th birthday today – A moment of reflection

As I ring in my 48th year today, it's a perfect moment to reflect on the strides we've made during my lifetime. Being a proud Brit, it's astounding to see how the UK landscape has transformed over the last five decades. Of course, challenges persist, but as I've journeyed through, it's clear that on balance,…
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Two people – Six languages – One Week. Or Is It?

Can you believe it? Maria Franzoni and I just tried out six languages in one week. Surprised? Before you think we've suddenly become language experts, let me share our trick: it's not what you think. The tech team at 'HeyGen' just launched their new creation, 'Video Translate'. This cool tool uses AI to translate videos…
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