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New book ‘Future Hackers’ coming – But why?

The following text is lifted from the now accepted book proposal to Flint Publishing, a division of the History Press: a) Please write an elevator pitch for your book (in no more than 20 words): Future Hackers is the indispensable guide for curious business leaders to think differently and make informed future-ready choices in a…
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Beyond Psychology, Beyond Mindset – A Future Facing Understanding of the Mind

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week developing new writing and ideas for the forthcoming ‘Roaring 2020’s’ book mentioned here a short while ago. As I dig further into technological shifts and the resulting social changes, it’s more apparent than ever that the work of Piers Thurston and other ‘Inside-Out’ practitioners is essential…
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2025 – The Future of Housing and Lifestyle – Part 3: Lifestyle and Health

One of the macro-trends driving a dramatic shift in lifestyle towards 2025 is the growth of the 'Access Economy'. Goods and services are rented temporarily rather than being sold permanently. Younger generations especially recognise the merits of owning less, yet having access to more products and services than ever before. From the green-conscious user’s perspective,…
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