Job Title: VP, AI Safety and Compliance

Job Description:

Our organisation seeks a dynamic and experienced VP, AI Safety and Compliance. This pivotal role involves leading and refining our AI safety policies and procedures, much like a conductor leading an orchestra, ensuring AI is applied ethically across all levels of our organisation. Your efforts will pave the way towards transparency, fairness, and privacy.

Key Responsibilities:

AI Safety Policy Formulation: Develop and fine-tune AI safety policies and procedures. This includes creating guidelines that ensure any AI systems developed within the organisation do not make decisions based on sensitive information, such as race, gender, or age, thereby promoting fairness and preventing discriminatory outcomes.

Risk Evaluation and Management: Identify and manage potential risks within our AI technologies. This involves creating strategic plans to mitigate both technical risks, such as model robustness and dependability, and ethical/social risks, like bias and misuse. An example of this might involve conducting a thorough audit on a new AI-powered recruitment tool to identify and rectify any potential biases in its algorithms.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay updated with the latest local and international AI regulations, ensuring the company’s AI strategies and implementations meet all compliance requirements. This responsibility includes regularly reviewing and adjusting our AI data collection and processing practices to ensure strict adherence to GDPR or other relevant data protection regulations.

Cross-Functional Leadership: Collaborate effectively with other departments such as Engineering, Data Science, and Legal. Your objective will be to ensure that AI safety and compliance principles are integrated into all our AI projects and initiatives. This might include spearheading a project between our Data Science, Legal, and Engineering teams to ensure our new AI-driven product meets technical and legal standards and incorporates robust AI safety measures.

Education and Training: Develop and implement training programs to enhance the team’s understanding of AI risks, safety measures, and compliance needs. This involves fostering a culture of responsible AI use within the organisation, just like a coach nurtures a winning team spirit. An example of this responsibility might be launching a company-wide workshop to empower employees to understand the ethical implications of AI usage.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Proven experience in AI Safety and Compliance
  • Knowledge of AI safety policy formulation and risk management
  • Understanding of local and international AI regulations
  • Excellent leadership and cross-functional collaboration skills
  • Experience in designing and executing training programs
  • Strong commitment to ethical AI use and data protection

If you are a strategic thinker with a keen interest in AI safety, we’d like to meet you. Join us in creating a harmonious symphony of AI safety and compliance.

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