Recently, at a major event in Davos, someone asked me a deep question that made me rethink how AI’s benefits are shared fairly. I realised I didn’t have a good answer, showing a major gap in my research. This made me feel responsible for looking deeper into the topic. So, I started to explore it more, knowing it’s critical for our shared future.

As someone who studies AI and its impact on society, I now think it’s crucial to ask: How quickly will advanced AI be used everywhere, and how can we make sure it helps everyone, no matter where they are or what they do?

First, we must understand that different countries and companies will use advanced AI at different speeds. Developing countries and smaller businesses might use new tech faster because they have fewer obstacles and need bigger changes. We’ve seen this with solar energy and internet tech like Starlink, helping remote places catch up quickly. But, developed countries often have rules and old ways of doing things that can slow them down.

For example, in rural India, AI is used more quickly for things like diagnosing diseases than in developed countries, where they rely on existing experts and have lots of rules.

So, how do we share AI’s benefits fairly? We need a plan that thinks about countries, businesses, and people.

For Countries:

  • Use AI in Public Services: Developing countries should use AI to improve public services like health and education. This speeds up development and helps meet urgent needs.
  • Change The Rules: Developed countries need to update rules to make using AI easier, while keeping people safe and making sure companies are responsible.

For Businesses:

  • Use AI: Small businesses should use AI to stay competitive and work better.
  • Work Together: Companies should work together to make standards for AI, helping innovation happen faster. (See Vice President. AI, Safety and Compliance)

For People:

  • Learn New Skills: People should learn skills that work well with AI, like creative problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and knowing about AI ethics.
  • Get Involved in AI: Encourage people to take part in the AI world by investing in AI companies, helping make AI rules, or making AI tools.

In summary, as we face massive changes because of AI, we must work together to make sure everyone benefits from these new technologies. This needs effort from governments, companies, and everyone. Your thoughts and actions matter. What do you think about this? How can we share AI’s benefits more fairly?