The journey here started in 2006 while beginning to build global networks of creative and technical people to work on client projects. Between us, we started sharing trends – ultimately making us more aware and greater than the sum of our parts.

In the early part of this period, we mostly focused on the technical and creative opportunities this brought. But – it’s become obvious the technical developments especially are merely the catalysts which are fundamentally altering society. The world I live in now is radically different to 10 years ago and will be radically different 10 years from now.

About 3 months ago, I decided to make the career change. For the past few years, the changes in our world have been increasingly exponential. Innovation speeds innovation. What really interests me is how these changes impact our lives; and both social and technological trends are converging to create big changes for us all.

On this journey, i’ve learned how my own prejudice affects my openness towards change. Also, how taboos affect the same in groups. We cling to ‘the way it’s always been’ because it gives us comfort.

We’ve seen it throughout history. Indeed, it was Pythagoras who first suggested the earth was round, in the 6th century BC. We have to wait for the 16th century, following Ferdinand Magellan and the first global circumnavigationwhen Europe really started to believe it. Just one example of how the status quo is disrupted, literally changing the way humanity looks at the world. We don’t have the luxury of a millennium to toy with ideas today.

So – I decided to become a ‘Futurist’. Not the soothsayer type looking into the misty distance, but working collaboratively with organisations, teams and individuals to prepare for, predict and create their positive futures.

My approach is in itself the result of a trend which may now be familiar. Businesses are increasingly a collaboration with customers and the supply chain. In Germany and Japan, the companies built on family dynasties are dissolving. In the UK and the US, companies which were once monoliths with ten year product cycles are racing to meet the demands of a public with plenty of choice.

I’m certain that discovering the future is also a collaborative process. That is even more valid if we want to apply the distilled and impassive thinking of most research to real businesses: to your business. Unlike so many consultancies, I won’t present you with a 1000-page strategy document which will be left on the shelf while your business is left behind. We will create a roadmap together, based on the knowledge of my team and your colleagues. All this is supported by rich media, live events (Still do these), external speakers and dynamic tools, in a generous spirit of curiosity. This approach is more useful, and much more fun.

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Some of the issues we can work through include:

– Taking a long-term strategic view; and focusing your resources accordingly
– Developing new sales and marketing plans, discovering new opportunities
– Building the confidence and resilience to escape short-termism
– Developing sound corporate values fit for the 21st century
– Improving customer relevance and quality of service
– Revitalising departments and teams – creating genuine employee engagement
– Communicating more effectively, both internally and outside the organisation
– Finding ways to recruit the best people – and retain them

We blend the latest technology and information (via a “TrendNavigator” app) and a face-to-face workshop programme to establish the trends which will become priorities in your spheres of interest.

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch!