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Hi, I'm Matt O’Neill, also known as the Optimistic Futurist. I’m excited to guide your organisation toward a bright future empowered by AI. With my background as an AI speaker and author. I'm here to inject hope, zeal, and actionable insights to take your team forward. I'm adept at demystifying Artificial Intelligence and its transformative effects on our society.

From launching three ventures in the marketing and communications realm, including overcoming a significant stumble, I've learned the importance of risk-taking and perseverance. My boundless curiosity about our shifting world has steered me to my goal: to prepare individuals for a future filled with uncertainties. This motivation birthed my two books, "The Future is Now" and "Future Hackers," which are resources for others to carve out a positive future.

My dedication isn’t limited to speaking engagements; I embody the principles I teach, solidifying my standing as an authentic expert. Let’s partner to future-ready your organisation.

Previous engagements:

In my capacity as a Futurist and AI Speaker, it's been my honour to engage with over 300 clients across four continents in 50 nations. My portfolio includes diverse events, from corporate conferences and expos to client functions, leadership retreats, and more. I've collaborated with a spectrum of sectors — finance, transportation, software, professional associations, legal practices, insurers, retailers, hotels, marketing firms, public agencies, and non-profits, to name a few.

future matt oneill

Have a look at some of the prominent brands I've collaborated with:

My comprehensive experience across such varied forums and sectors equips me with the insight and advice uniquely beneficial and custom-tailored to each client’s specific context.

Why Choose Me?

When you choose me for your event, expect an experience that goes beyond the standard lecture. What you’ll receive includes:

  • No-Nonsense Advice: Expect clear-cut strategies and instruments that you can apply immediately.
  • Visual Impact: I employ distinctive visual tools to ensure the core messages are understood by all.
  • Streamlined Guides: Everyone will receive a succinct, one-pager that distils complex concepts into comprehensible points.
  • Engaging Content: My presentations are enriched with visuals and interactive discussions, keeping participants engaged and reflective.
  • Continued Connection: I’m available for follow-up discussions on LinkedIn to continue nurturing the ideas, ensuring that all questions are thoroughly addressed.

Life in 2035 - A Day in the Life: The Optimistic Futurist's Vision

Join us for a ten-year jump with "Life in 2035 - A Day in the Life." We’ll explore a day when technology and humanity merge, creating a world where innovation enhances every moment. For leaders, this keynote paints the potential for a harmonious future.

Here's a peek of where we’ll journey together:

  • AI at Its Finest: Meet AI wellness coaches and virtual friends who augment our health and wellbeing. We look at the value of a balance between AI interactions and maintaining the human touch – flourishing with our digital companions rather than being addicted to them, or needing to detox from them.
  • Future Learning and Jobs: Explore the new ways Generation Alpha and Beta will learn, preparing them for exciting jobs that we've only just started to imagine. We address reskilling current workforces and planning for the transition of those displaced by automation.
  • Green City Life: Picture future cities with living roofs, self-sorting waste systems, and clean energy, where city life supports both us and the planet. We also look at the integration of green technologies into existing infrastructures and historical towns and cities.
  • Tech Enabled Cultural and Social Evolution: Travel through an emerging world where technology connects cultures instantly, creating a strong global community and a new era for art and understanding. We also focus on the importance of digital literacy, fighting misinformation.

This keynote is packed with insights, illustrations and ideas to leave you feeling equipped and positive to move your business with confidence through the next decade.

I will give you:

  • Clear plans to integrate future tech into today's plans for growth.
  • Practical ways to help people of all ages work together, readying them for equitable technology changes and new cultural experiences.
  • Thorough understanding and actionable steps for making your business sustainable, benefiting the environment for years to come.
  • Advice on using technology to build a culture that celebrates difference, connects people worldwide, and encourages everyone's creative spirit.

"Life in 2035 - A Day in the Life" is more than just predictions; it's a pragmatic blueprint for building a bright, successful future.


"Matt has a wonderful ability to deeply connect and understand and communicate what is most relevant to a given audience. He has mastery of cognitive synthesis; the ability to take information from a very wide variety of sources together with his own research and help people make sense of these new insights and relay new ideas and perspectives. I have personally learnt a lot from Matt and would highly recommend partnering with him as he provides unique perspectives."

Melanie Small
Commercial Director, Randstad Risesmart

"Matt was one of the keynote speakers at Outlook ‘23, delivering a great presentation about AI. The presentation was very well received, it was very lively, both informative and entertaining! Matt is a pleasure to work with and he truly makes an effort during the prep work to tailor his presentation to the audience, open to suggestions and requests. No surprise I can recommend him to others who look for an inspiring view!"

Marines Lagemaat
Scientific and Technical Affairs Director, EDANA