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Hi there, I'm Matt O’Neill, also known as the Optimistic Futurist. I'm excited to show you how AI can brighten the future for your company. Speaking and writing about AI, I offer hope, thrill, and handy advice to lead your group into an amazing tomorrow. I specialise in making Artificial Intelligence clear for companies and showing how it's changing our lives.

I've started three companies in marketing and communications, and yes, one didn’t work out. But that taught me lots about trying new things and getting back up again. My passion for understanding how the world is changing has brought me to my goal: to prepare people for a future that's always changing. I've even written two books, "The Future is Now" and "Future Hackers," to help people create a bright future for themselves.

I don't just talk about future stuff; I really live it. Let’s get your company all set for the future.

Previous engagements:

I've been fortunate to work with over 300 clients all around the world — on four continents and in 50 countries. My speaking gigs are varied: from management conferences and trade fairs to customer gatherings, leadership workshops, and lots more. I’ve met folks from all sorts of fields like banks, transport, software, trades, law, insurance, shops, hotels, ad agencies, government, charities, and loads more.

future matt oneill

Have a look below to see some big-name brands I've been with:

All this means I've got a ton of experience to share insights and advice that's just right for what you need.

Why Book Me?

When you pick me for your event, you get more than just a speech. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Straight Talking: I’ll give you clear ideas and tools you can use straight away.
  • Visuals That Stick: I create dynamic visuals to help everyone understand key concepts.
  • Easy Guides: You'll get simple one-page cheatsheets that makes tough stuff easy.
  • Fun Learning: My keynotes full of interactivity to keep it lively and get people thinking.
  • Let's Chat: I’m always around to connect on LinkedIn after we're done to keep the good ideas rolling. And I make sure everyone's questions get answered.

You're a Future Hacker: Not Future Proof, but Future Ready!

Rooted in Matt's second book, 'Future Hackers' - get ready for a captivating journey through the changing world of technology and culture with "You're a Future Hacker," a keynote aimed at equipping business leaders and individuals for the torrent of change on the horizon.

You’ll explore the major changes that are set to reshape our lives in the next ten years, including:

  • Technological Turning Points: Get to grips with the foundational technologies of our times like AI, Biotech, and Big Data. See how they combine and what they mean for us all.
  • The New Age of Work: Understand how post-pandemic shifts are permanently transforming where and how we work - and find out how you can stay ahead in our evolving job market.
  • 21st Century Tectonic Shifts: Discover the big issues and movements mobilizing people around the world, from tackling climate change to adapting to life after COVID-19.
  • Human-Machine Teaming: Get past the horror movie narrative of The Terminator or The Matrix. We’ll imagine a near-future where technology supports and improves our own indispensable abilities.
  • Leading Through the Unknown: We’ll examine the skills and attitudes leaders need to guide teams successfully into unfamiliar territory.

I will give you:

  • Practical Insights: Get the know-how to make smart, well-informed choices for your organisation.
  • Preparation and Empowerment: Learn approaches to get yourself and your colleagues ready for an exciting but unpredictable future.
  • Questions That Drive Progress: We’ll think deeply about the questions you can ask which will encourage you and your business to continue to grow and innovate.

"You're the Future Hacker" isn't about predicting the future; it's about giving you the insight and resources to build it yourself. Blending what's happening now with high-probability forecasts, this keynote aims to rapidly and meaningfully boost your grasp of a world we're all heading towards.

By the end, you'll see how you can use these imminent shifts to benefit you and your organisation. The future might be full of unknowns, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared. "You're a Future Hacker" will show you how to excel in these exciting times to come.


"Matt took time and considerable energy to present ideas that we could embrace, and helped us realise beyond what we could have ever envisioned.

The results have been incredible. The feedback unheard of. The outcome is one that is so long lasting in terms of our reputation, our relevance and our relationship with members, and as a membership association, nothing is more important to us than that.

Your ability to communicate at a level that ensures you take everyone with you is a skill that should be much admired. For all of this, Matt, I cannot express my gratitude enough."

Caron Fassetta
Membership Director, British Parking Association.

"Matt delivered a highly engaging session for our HR community on the Future of Work. A lot of great discussion was had and we all came away with plenty of insights on the topic. Matt's content was slick and thoughtful and he was a pleasure to have at our offsite."

Annabel West
Associate Director, Macquarie Asset Management UK

"Your presentation had people talking for days. Your insights into the Future of Work were invaluable as was the interactive and insightful discussion. We look forward to inviting you back again."

Ryan McCarthy
Head of Learning and Development, Macquarie Hong Kong