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I’m Matt O’Neill, the Optimistic Futurist. I’m here to light up the way to a brighter future with AI for your organisation. As an AI keynote speaker and writer, I bring hope, excitement, and useful tips that will take your audience into an exciting future. My area of expertise is helping organisations understand Artificial Intelligence and how it changes our world.

Having started three businesses in marketing and communications—with one memorable failure—I've learned the value of taking chances and bouncing back. My endless curiosity about how our world is shifting led me to my purpose: helping people get ready for an uncertain future. This has led me to write two books, "The Future is Now" and "Future Hackers", aimed at helping others build a positive future for themselves.

I don’t just talk about these ideas; I live them. This makes me a true expert in the field. Let’s work together to get your organisation ready for what’s coming.

Previous engagements:

As a Futurist and AI Speaker, I’ve had the pleasure of working with more than 300 clients across four continents and in 50 countries.

My work covers a wide range of events such as big management conferences, trade shows, customer events, workshops for leaders, and lots more. I’ve worked with people from many different areas including banks, transport and logistics, computer software, various trade groups, law firms, insurance companies, shops, hotels, advertising agencies, government bodies, charities, and many others.

future matt oneill

Take a look below to see some of the well-known brands I’ve worked with:

This experience across so many different types of events and industries means I’m well - equipped to offer insights and guidance that can really make a difference, tailored just for what each client needs.

Why Book Futurist Speaker Matt?

Choose me for your event, and you'll get more than just a talk. Here's what's in store for you:

  • Straight to the Point: I’ll give you straightforward ideas and tools that you can start using the very next day.
  • Clear Visuals: I bring along unique visual aids to make sure everyone gets the message.
  • Simple Cheatsheets: You'll get a one-page guide that makes tricky ideas easy to understand.
  • Bite-Size Learning: My talks are packed with pictures and group chats to keep everyone interested and thinking.
  • Stay in Touch: I’m always up for a chat on LinkedIn after the event to keep the ideas flowing. I make sure no one’s left with unanswered questions.

Becoming Superhuman - Supercharge your productivity through the new AI ecosystem and future-ready life hacks.

Imagine a world where you can harness the power of AI to skyrocket productivity and creativity, while also providing your team with the flexibility they crave. With new approaches, we can have it all. “Becoming Superhuman” is a cutting-edge keynote that will change the game for you and your organisation.

Discover the latest technology and future-ready life hacks that will transform your business and help you become exponentially more productive and happier too, all with less effort, including:

  • AI and the world of work: Making sense of the key concepts, value, and advances.
  • GPT-4: Understand its use in context with your needs. Discover advanced prompting techniques (customised for each audience).
  • The Wider AI Ecosystem. See the landscape of what you can use today. Understand where it's heading.
  • Developing yourself for the AI Age: Techniques to develop your synthesising mind and how Antifragility will make you future-ready!
  • Bringing it together: The Key Takeaways: Assistive NOT Replacement technologies, Computerisation AND Humanisation.!

I will give you:

  • The insights, tools, and techniques to supercharge your productivity.
  • The mindset and life hacks to handle rapid technological change.
  • The perspective to understand what AI is capable of and where it's heading.

"Becoming Superhuman" isn't just about embracing new technology; it's about enhancing your innate abilities and unlocking your full potential. By integrating the latest AI advancements, such as ChatGPT-4, into our daily routines, we're not only stepping into an era of amplified productivity but also cultivating a workspace where innovation thrives. This keynote will equip you with a clear understanding of the AI landscape, practical tools for personal and professional growth, and the insight to navigate the waves of change.

By the time you leave, you'll realise the superhuman within is not defined by technology, but by the ability to adapt, create, and synergise with the digital companions of our future. The journey ahead is promising, and with these life hacks and a future-ready mindset, you'll be set to soar beyond the boundaries of today's imagination.

Download The Extended Workshop Outline Here


"Matt was great to work with both in preparing for the Becoming Superhuman workshop and during the workshops which were interactive, engaging and thought provoking. Matt has a wealth of knowledge in the area of AI and is able to impart this in a way that is understood by all levels of experience. He is high energy and thought provoking and his support does not stop at the end of the workshop."

Sarah Draycott
Talent Learning & Culture Business Partner, Warburtons

"Still buzzing from Matt O'Neill's riveting "Becoming Superhuman" workshop yesterday. His passion for AI ignited fresh perspectives in me, particularly on incorporating AI into our M&A transactions - a potential game-changer. Matt, that was really incredible! Thank you so much - what a huge lever and fascinating eye opener. It was so great to listen to your insights and knowledge. I learned a ton."

Senior Leadership Team
Oldenburgische Landesbank.