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Hello, I'm Matt O'Neill, the Optimistic Futurist. I'm here to illuminate the path towards a more promising future with AI for your company. Serving as an AI keynote speaker and author, I offer hope, enthusiasm, and practical advice that will propel your audience into an inspiring tomorrow. I specialise in aiding companies to grasp Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our world.

Embarking on three business ventures in marketing and communications—with one notable setback—I've embraced risk-taking and resilience. My insatiable curiosity about our evolving world has driven me towards my mission: preparing people for an unpredictable future. This journey inspired me to author two books, "The Future is Now" and "Future Hackers", dedicated to guiding others towards creating a positive future for themselves.

My commitment goes beyond just speaking about these concepts; I embody them. This authenticity establishes me as a genuine authority in the field. Let’s collaborate to prepare your company for the impending changes.

Previous engagements:

In my role as a Futurist and AI Speaker, I've had the honour of collaborating with over 300 clients across four continents and in 50 countries. My experience spans a broad array of events, including major management conferences, trade fairs, client events, leadership workshops, and much more. I've interacted with individuals from diverse sectors like banking, transport and logistics, software development, various professional associations, legal firms, insurance companies, retail stores, hotels, marketing agencies, governmental agencies, non-profits, and numerous others.

future matt oneill

Below is a glimpse of some of the renowned brands I've had the pleasure of working with:

This breadth of experience across different event types and industries positions me ideally to deliver insights and advice that can genuinely benefit, customised precisely for each client’s requirements.

Why Book Me?

Opting for me at your event means receiving more than just a presentation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Direct Insights: I’ll present clear, actionable ideas and tools that you can apply immediately.
  • Engaging Visuals: I use distinctive visual aids to ensure the message resonates with everyone.
  • Simplified Guides: You’ll receive a one-page summary that simplifies complex concepts.
  • Engaging Learning: My presentations are enriched with images and group discussions to maintain engagement and stimulate thought.
  • Ongoing Dialogue: I’m readily available for conversations on LinkedIn post-event to continue the exchange of ideas. I’m committed to ensuring no query goes unanswered.

Riding the AI Wave: Do it Right with Heart and Smarts!

Welcome to an exciting journey through the world of artificial intelligence (AI)! We're standing at the edge of a fantastic new era where AI is changing not just how we do business but how we think about technology, what's right and wrong, and what matters most to us. "Riding the AI Wave: Do it Right with Heart and Smarts!" is an upbeat keynote all about exploring the amazing possibilities AI brings to our doorstep and how we can use it wisely and kindly. Get ready to light up the path for leaders ready to embrace AI’s power in a way that's good for everyone.

Here’s a peek of what we dive into:

  • The Two Sides of AI: We’ll jump into the incredible world of AI and why it's important to see both the shiny opportunities and the trickier challenges. We'll see how keeping this balance can help us grow the organisation.
  • Building Trust with AI in Business: Discover how being open, sharing stories, and doing the right thing can help people trust and believe in the way we use AI. It’s all about using AI with care and responsibility.
  • Teaming Up for Better AI: See how working together across companies can make AI safer and fairer for everyone. When we join forces, we create a world of AI that we can all trust and feel good about.
  • Setting the Rules for AI: Find out why it's so important to have clear rules and strategies for using AI in our businesses. This helps us manage AI systems effectively from start to finish.
  • Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s AI: Arm yourself with the right mindset and plans to keep up with AI as it grows and changes, grasping new chances and facing challenges head-on.

This talk is packed with insights, ideas, and a look ahead to help you feel confident about moving through the AI world.

I will give you:

  • A full picture of what AI can do and the hurdles we might face.
  • Tips on how to build trust and use AI in a way that's fair and right.
  • Ways to work together to make AI better and safer for everyone.
  • The know-how to set up strong AI leadership in your workplace.
  • A game plan for staying ahead as AI evolves and brings new adventures.

"Riding the AI Wave" isn’t just about tapping into AI for the next big win; it's about embracing AI sustainably, with a big heart and smart moves. Let's explore together how we can lead our businesses and communities into a future where tech lifts us up without letting our core values slip. Join me as we venture into responsible AI use, paving the way for a tomorrow where innovation and ethics happily coexist.


"I really enjoyed your presentation. I have seen a few futurists before as well as some 'experts' talking about AI and they all left me feeling I hadn't learned anything. However, I was extremely engaged by what you had to say."

Stephen Swift
Global Travel Manager, Ford

"I was thoroughly impressed by you, a speaker whose discussions on being "Future Ready," AI, and resilience captured my attention. Your ability to engage and inspire made me share your details for various CMS events."

Polina Lucena
Assistant General Counsel, CMS