It’s been an enjoyable week here at Futurist.Matt. On Monday, I was invited to speak at IABC’s ‘Future Fit’ Communications event at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

Together we explored three growing trends transforming the world of Corporate Communication:

  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • The growth of Visual communication 
  • Why ‘Soul’ matters more than ever

Several people asked for a copy of the slides, so here they are:

The ‘News from the Future’ video is available here:

Useful links:

Growth of Soul:

Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016
Mark Benioff on multiple stakeholders
Benefit Corporations
The Soul of Enterprise (Book)

Growth of Visualisation:

Visual Content and higher click rates
Power of Visual Communication (Infographic)
Cisco Visual Networking Index
Overview of Holographic Telepresence
Overview of Lenticular Technology – LinkedIn visualisation – Presentation graphics made easy
Typorama – Mobile device graphic creation
Google Music Timeline

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Ex-Machina (film)
MediaMass – Satirical news engine
Narrative Science – Quill
Overview of Dark Data
The Technological Singularity (Book)

I hope you find the presentation useful.