Futurist-MattMy job is to help you make better decisions by understanding what’s just around the corner. I deliver tailored keynote speeches, presentations or immersive discussion sessions, always with the aim of leaving audiences with actionable ideas that they can take forward in their organisations.

“Matt has a keen eye on what’s next. This came through clearly in his thought-provoking presentation to the IABC UK Future Fit Communications conference. As the conference chair I would also like to add that Matt was easy to work with.”  Michael Ambjorn, Global Chair, IABC

I explore the trends that are shaping business and society over the next five to ten years – the trends which smart businesses are thinking about today. Recent keynotes I have delivered include:

“Three trends set to change the world of Corporate Communication”, given at the International Association of Business Communicators’ ‘Future Fit’ Conference, May 2016.

“Top Trends affecting Organisations, Staff and Customer relationships in the next 10 years”, created bespoke for the board of Swan Housing Group, May 2016

No two audiences are the same. That’s why every speech or presentation is custom created for your needs. I will work with you to create a presentation that delights, surprises and includes solid takeaways for your audience to apply straight away.

Here are just some of the areas which I am covering with forward-thinking businesses:

  • The Access and Rental Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Universal Basic Income
  • Big Data, Smart Data and Dark Data
  • Computer Security and Crime
  • Digital Transformation
  • The Future of Jobs and Work
  • The Future of Innovation
  • Intellectual Property for the 21st Century
  • From Control and Hierarchy to Collaboration
  • Radical Transparency
  • Evolved Supply Chains
  • Ethics and Innovation
  • Why your Business needs Soul
  • Why Marketing and Communication needs to evolve
  • Evolving Leadership Models

I worked with Matt on the preparation of our new corporate strategy with a particular emphasis on how we will interact with our customers, how our organisation might evolve and how we can meet the needs and desires of our staff.  Matt was able to present a vision of likely future developments to our board which reflected the latest thinking but allowed practical action to be taken to ensure that we are ready to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the risk.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matt.”  Jamie Smith, CEO, Swan Housing Group

Why ask me to speak at your next event?

Businesses today work at maximum efficiency. But that often means that management teams are forced to focus on the day job: fighting everyday fires or just getting ‘the day job’ done. Yet strategic success demands space and time to think beyond today. I offer the opportunity and creative material to think about the future. I have engaged successfully throughout my career with senior management teams, and specialise in bringing ideas to life, fast and effectively.

It will also be tremendous fun – a chance to think about ideas which will affect us all, and contribute to a discussion in a lively yet professional environment.

What do you get?

  • A fresh, energetic approach
  • A presentation that’s designed from the ground up to be relevant to your event, audience and desired outcomes
  • A format of your choice: As well as being a keynote speaker, I am an experienced workshop facilitator and can work with your teams to translate ideas into workable outcomes
  • Engaging and professional media production on demand:
    • Preview video – for your intranet or external use
    • Presentation with voiceover
    • Distribution on ‘PitchPack’ video card for wider sharing
    • Interactive webcasts for sharing either live during the event or beyond it

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