servitization-montageServitization adds a service or solution-based offer to traditional product offering. It can be lucrative. But where do you start?

The Manufacturer is presenting a new webinar at 10.30am on 28 September to help manufacturers get to grips with the opportunities available through servitization.

The webinar presenters, James Woudhuysen (visiting Professor at London South Bank University) and Matt O’Neill (Independent Futurist), have produced a teaser video below to explain more about the webinar.

Want to know more about how servitization could help your business and hear about the latest trends impacting manufacturing?

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More about the Webinar

  • How can you make the shift to a ‘servitized’ business model with minimum expense and upheaval?
  • How can you ensure that your more heavily servitized company stays as profitable and competitive as you are now?
  • If servitization promises dramatically to extend your activities, how will you begin resource it?
  • However, driving deeper into servitization represents a transformative change to your business.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the practical and organisational paths to servitization, and the challenges that surround it. We’ll look at how servitization prompts capital investment in re-tooling and IT.

The webinar will touch on the new collaborative and consultative roles that both your sales and your delivery teams will need to adopt if they are to field a more service-orientated offer. And, as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) begins to open up opportunities for both your production lines and your customers’ operations, we’ll see how businesses can deploy IT profitably – from supply chains through to product delivery, installation and long after that.

Covering lessons from Norbar Torque Tools, Phonak Hearing Systems and the US fracking industry, this will be a vivid, exciting and no-nonsense webinar with plenty of action points and food for thought.

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Webinar sponsored by Epicor Software, proud supporter of UK Manufacturing. Click here to find find out more about how Epicor is helping UK Manufacturers grow their business.