automation-recyclingIn recent weeks, I’ve been working to finish a first draft of a second book ‘The Roaring 2020s: How to be Future Ready‘. This week is all about the impact of Automation on work.

The corporate world is awash with the AI Zeitgeist ‘Robotic Process Automation‘, most of which you can’t see as it’s about manipulating 1’s and 0’s to perform digital tasks. But- what does it look like across manual work. Most of the robotics shown in this short video I made are conceptual right now. How long till they get good and the price of ownership/leasing becomes affordable?

There’s little doubt in my mind there will be some technological unemployment as a result of these technologies. Universal Basic Income (providing a fixed income to all citizens) is part of the answer. The rest lies in being future ready – and that’s what I’m trying my best to cover in the forthcoming book. Hope you like the video!

What do you think?