pitch-workshop-vrOne word – Extraordinary. I’d no idea what to expect when joining Gabriele Romagnoli for his ‘How to Pitch XR‘ gathering in BigscreenVR last night. I didn’t attend for the content (which was excellent), but to discover how VR could be used for events and meetings.

Reflections on what made the experience:

  • The sound quality was excellent.
  • Avatars are expressive – hand gestures, head movements.
  • 3d environment – People turn to one another when they are speaking
  • Easy to interact with other people. AND – people genuinely wanting to contribute and learn.
  • Delightful informality to proceedings.
  • Gabriele’s expert facilitation – blending presentation, Q&A and group discussions brilliantly.
  • Combining the whiteboard tool ‘Miro‘ helped me realise the scope for meaningful collaboration.
  • Discovering a ‘techno etiquette’ that adds a new dimension/skill to VR facilitation.

I’d always understood the potential in VR for working, but until last night, it’d remained theoretical. VR headset use is relatively rare nowadays AND challenged supply chains are starving the brand-new market. BUT – Anyone in HR, Comms, Marketing, Events – I recommend taking some time if/when you can to try it out.

Below – the ‘trailer’ for the meeting itself: