Matt O'Neill Virtual SpeakingThe Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world. Everyone is asking questions. How and when will restrictions be lifted? How will life be reshaped? New tracking technologies could make life manageable in the short term, but at what cost? The digital ethics questions they raise seem trivial in-the-moment but are a welcome gift to autocrats as we emerge from lockdown. Could the virus mutate, rendering vaccine development nearly impossible? One thing’s for certain. There are more questions than answers. While I don’t pretend to offer those answers, I’m sure that they exist through a generous, collaborative effort.

A range of new virtual speaking and workshop topics is now available. They are available separately or combined to help you create your new normal rather than be a slave to it. You can see them via the dedicated page or download the Covid-19 Virtual Speaker Sheet directly.

I’m offering a free 20-minute taster session for organisations that would like something concise as part of their existing internal meetings.

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