Science-SpiritualityIt’s worth remembering that modern Psychology is only around 130 years old. Yet spirituality (arguably) has its roots in Neanderthals choosing to bury their dead.

We see pioneers at the edge of modern science discover the spiritualists and mystics were always right in their understanding of what it means to be human. Academics such as Donald Hoffman posit that consciousness causes brain activity rather than vice versa. That’s backed up by pioneering Neuroscientist, Dr. David Eagleman, who’s conducted experiments demonstrating how electrical energy from the brain to the eye is significantly more than the other way around. A conclusion being, we create ‘the world out there’ far more than purely observe it.

So why does any of it matter? Put simply – the new understanding offers humans scope to become ‘more human’. As our species sees itself in new ways, so our potential to operate in the world increases exponentially. Through increased understanding of ‘what we are’ rather than ‘who we are’, we will come to find mental health is innate and can never be broken. That’s just one example of the new understanding. Special thanks to pioneers such as Piers Thurston and Julie Brown who made it their life purpose to share a form of spiritual understanding fit for the 21st Century.

In ‘Machines Vs Humans’, we explore the importance of ‘being more human’, what you can do about it and why it matters in a world increasingly run by machines.

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