I wanted to share a concept from my upcoming book ‘Future Hackers‘, specifically from the final section called ‘Next Frontier’. In this section, I explore the topic of ‘Robosexuality‘ and discuss what the journey toward normalising marriage between humans and robots might look like, even though it’s several decades away.

One of the pressing points addressed is how we can individually and collectively handle the impact of increasingly sophisticated AI and Robotics as their emotional reasoning grows. It’s clear that we have a ways to go before relations between humans and machines are normalised.

In my research, I talked with a friend in her early thirties about Robosexuality. I half expected her to be judgemental and dismissive, but to my surprise, she seemed open-minded and positive about the idea. She shared that many of her friends struggled to find meaningful relationships with men and wondered if robots could be the answer. While it was a half-joking comment, it made me wonder if attitudes toward human-machine and human-human relationships might be changing.

Me personally, I believe that it’s essential to remain grounded in ‘humanness‘ and prioritise our digital wellness, which is discussed in detail in the book. However, social media addiction already demonstrates how some people blur the line between the digital and in-person aspects of life.

It’s clear that there will be significant changes in the next 20 years, far more than in the last 200. I hope this passage has sparked your curiosity about the topic of ‘Robosexuality’ and the impact of AI and Robotics on our relationships.

One of the things I love about speaking about the future is how it forces me to remain open-minded and avoid judgment. What do you think?