Pundits are forecasting that the future of social media sites will increasingly be built around people’s shared interests, values, and lifestyles. And yes, politics.

How about AI that enables a communications platform to deepen the relationships with our most treasured people as opposed to maximising the number of people we connect with? Wouldn’t it be great to have AI technology that’s truly people-centred instead of creating profit by creating division and fragmenting society? Rather, it would constantly ask and anticipate what’s most important to us and value how we might prefer to use our time in any given moment?

In the forthcoming ‘Future Hackers‘ book, I explore some of the possible features of a richer social media offering:

  • Personalised relationship advice: The app would use AI algorithms to analyse our interactions with loved ones. It would provide us real-time advice and tips on how to strengthen those relationships.
  • Emotional analysis: Let the AI analyse our emotions and those of our loved ones. In turn, it will help us to better understand and respond to their emotional needs.
  • Memory-keeping: The app would store and categorise memories shared between us and our loved ones, helping us to cherish and reflect on our special moments.
  • Conversation prompts: The AI suggests topics based on our shared interests and current events, helping us to keep our conversations fresh and engaging.
  • Virtual relationship coach: How about virtual relationship coaching? An all-in service assisting us to work through relationship challenges and develop stronger emotional bonds.

This kind of AI-infused social platform would revolutionise the way we interact with our loved ones, fostering deeper connections and meaningful relationships filled with joy and happiness. By leveraging technology and focusing on people-centred design, social media could help us build stronger bonds and create a more connected society.

What other features could it have?