Picture a group of students in a science class, working together on an experiment to learn something new. Nowadays, AI-powered tools can help them analyse data and make sense of it all much quicker. Instead of calling it ‘cheating,’ let’s change how we teach and set tasks to keep up with the times.

Let’s focus less on individual work and more on getting students to use digital tools and join forces with their mates. After all, teamwork and knowing your way around tech are must-have skills for future jobs.

One idea for using AI at school is setting up group projects like making a science podcast. Let the kids use AI to do the research, write the script, and edit the podcast, while learning to work as a team, think critically, and share their discoveries.

In this AI era, it’s crucial to change how we teach and rethink the skills we think are important. Change is scary, but it’s just a part of moving forward. We’ve already seen students go from using chalkboards to interactive whiteboards, and from flipping through encyclopedias to searching the internet for information.

Trying to keep AI out of schools would be like playing a never-ending game of hide and seek. So let’s embrace change and get our kids future-ready.

Three tips to help your kids get used to AI in school:

– Cheer on teamwork and collaboration – they’re priceless skills in an AI-driven world.
– Back the use of digital tools, including AI, to help your kid become a tech whizz.
– Remind them how important critical thinking and great communication are, as these skills will always be useful, no matter how advanced tech gets.