Multipurpose RobotHey there! Exciting news! On Monday, Google unveiled their newest robot, PALM-E! It’s super powerful, equipped with over 562 billion parameters (that’s more than 3 x ChatGPT’s), and it can do things that other robots can’t. PALM-E can learn from sight, speech and the written word to handle real-world scenarios and plan detailed tasks all by itself!

Engineers have been working on multipurpose robots since the early 1960s, and PALM-E just took a giant leap forward. One of the things that PALM-E can do is sort blocks by colour into different corners of a table. This might seem like a simple task, but it’s actually quite complicated, and PALM-E handles it with ease!

Robots like this will revolutionise industries like manufacturing, making them more efficient and cost-effective. However, we must consider the impact on the job market and society as a whole. As AI robots like PALM-E become more advanced and widespread, they will cause significant changes in the world of work, leading to job displacement and economic disruption. It’s important to think about the ethical and societal implications. As technological advancements progress rapidly, it seems inevitable that governments will eventually adopt Universal Basic Income as we shift into a new era. Oh – and when Bill Gates was once asked how it would be paid for, he responded ‘Tax the Robots‘. – Sounds like a plan, Bill!

All in all, PALM-E is an incredible achievement in the field of robotics. It’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and raising important questions about the future of work and society. Let’s just be mindful of the implications as we continue to make progress in AI and robotics.