That might sound far-fetched, but it’s really not. Just yesterday, Chinese e-Commerce giant, Alibaba, released one of the first open-source ‘text to video‘ applications. It’s already sparking a flurry of experimentation. You’ll see from the video that its output is relatively crude and limited to a few seconds. BUT – it’s just the start. Those who’ve followed what’s been happening with AI will know how far the text-to-image applications have come in just one year!

My conservative estimate is that we’re not more than 5 years from being able to ask our entertainment systems to render a movie for us in near real-time. The creative possibilities are endless. The challenge; is the support apparatus and wider industry ready for it? Expect new areas of legal precedent to be thrown up as lawyers figure out how the rights management systems will function. The nature of production is set to change as well. That’s not to say that traditional filmmaking is going away. It’ll be more of a premium product, that’s all!

First open source text to video 1.7 billion parameter diffusion model is out
by u/Illustrious_Row_9971 in StableDiffusion

The implications are huge. Expect new approaches to emerge, and fast!

Internal Communications Managers: No more dry FAQs and PowerPoints explaining company policies, procedures, and protocols. Text to video will make the content dynamic, personalised and increase your productivity

Marketing Leaders: Those explainer videos and product demos you outsource to creative agencies and freelancers… AI will do it faster, better, and at a fraction of the cost. It’ll handle production intelligently and make sense of all the documentation across your business.

Heads of Learning and Development: You’ll be able to create personalised educational content from existing written materials. This alone will be fantastic for those learners who have different styles and preferences. Education is about to get way more accessible!

VR and Augmented Reality Developers: Creating 3D immersive content will be in the hands of anyone. Virtual Tours, interactive storytelling, and even avatar friends will all become possible. Tourism, gaming, and social networking is set for a revolution.

Finance Directors: You’ll be able to take complex data sets and any form of financial information and instantly turn it into easy-to-understand video content. That’ll help your stakeholders grasp the information they need and support better decision-making. Your investors will thank you too!

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Video credit u/Illustrious_Row_9971 on Reddit.