I had the pleasure of collaborating with the brilliant Maria Franzoni recently, and together, we decided to create a series of concise Zoom interviews discussing key future trends. 🚀

Our third topic explores THE key skill we all have that enables our capacity for change.

The dawn of the AI era is a tale of technological evolution. Adaptation is woven into the fabric of human existence, and genuine transformation always stems from our capacity for realisation. These are the thoughts that appear out of the blue and offer us fresh perspectives on the world around us.

Sometimes, it’s a simple revelation, like understanding that there’s no need to purchase an item we don’t actually use. This realisation can lead to a shift in our shopping habits. Other times, it could be a profound insight into the interconnected nature of all living beings and the significance of treating one another with kindness and empathy. Such realisations can inspire us to reevaluate our priorities and foster more positive connections with others.

We cannot force these realisations to occur, but when we pay attention to them, they seem to appear more frequently. And that’s important because these moments of clarity enable us to grow, evolve, and ultimately, change for the better!

These bite-sized conversations, lasting no more than two minutes, will be released every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you enjoy them! 😊

Can you remember your last realisation?

PS If you’ve realised you’re interested in realisation, I highly recommend following Piers Thurston. He gets beyond psychology to reveal a truly 21st-century way of understanding ourselves.