MindfluidI had the pleasure of collaborating with the brilliant Maria Franzoni recently, and together, we decided to create a series of concise Zoom interviews discussing key future trends. 🚀

Our fourth topic touches on the idea of becoming future-ready.

Future-proofing is all about providing a sense of certainty in an uncertain world. Sure, it’s highly likely that the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening. But future readiness is different—it’s about feeling mentally prepared and being open to adapting to change as it happens.

In this age of rapid technological advancement, long-term planning WILL take a back seat to top-notch decision-making. I’m not saying we should ignore forecasts about upcoming changes. Instead, I suggest we cultivate a more synthesised approach to our lives. This means being willing to gather ideas, facts, and concepts from a diverse array of sources, and staying open-minded about what they imply and how we act on them.

Let’s move away from a fixed, rigid mindset and adopt a more ‘mindfluid’ approach. This entails acknowledging our levels of self-identification with “this is how things are done” and realising that there are often multiple ways to accomplish tasks—sometimes in entirely new ways. We can nurture our ‘mindfluidity’ through various approaches. Why not try attending workshops or events that challenge your comfort zone? Or engage with people from diverse backgrounds. These experiences help cultivate empathy and understanding, offering fresh perspectives on life.

These bite-sized conversations, lasting no more than two minutes, will be released every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you enjoy them! 😊

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As with Tuesday’s release, I highly recommend connecting with Piers Thurston. His future-ready insights into human potential are nothing short of remarkable.