In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced general intelligence (AGI) are changing business and society, it’s key for leaders to keep up. You can’t ignore these technologies anymore; doing so means you’ll get left behind. Embracing AI and AGI is more than just staying up-to-date—it’s about leading with ethical, innovative, and strategic business approaches.

Here are 10 important steps every forward-thinking leader needs to take to use AI effectively, while considering its impact on society:

  • Keep Up with Tech Trends: Stay updated on AI and AGI advancements. Hire specialist speakers (I would say that), join workshops, and be part of tech communities to learn how to use these technologies in your business.
  • Focus on Ethical AI: Create ethical rules for using AI in your business. Appoint a VP, of AI Safety and Compliance. Consider how it affects society and ensure your AI projects follow these ethical standards.
  • Adjust to Public Views and Laws: Watch for changes in public opinion and regulations. Be ready to change how these affect your business and industry.
  • Use AI for Better Problem-Solving: See how AI can help with complex decisions and solving problems in your company. Invest in AI tools that improve operations and give strategic advice.
  • Get Ready for Market Changes: Plan for changes caused by AI and AGI. This means changing your business model, planning your workforce, and changing how you operate to be ready for new technologies.
  • Promote Ongoing Learning: Build a culture that values continuous learning and flexibility. Encourage your team to keep learning about AI and provide resources for training and skill development.
  • Plan for the Long Term: Include long-term planning that considers AI and AGI’s effects on your industry. Be ready for different futures, from best to worst scenarios.
  • Handle Public Image Well: Explain clearly how your company uses AI and what it means. Be open about your AI projects and how they match customer and societal values.
  • Use AI for Business Insights: Put money into AI to analyse complex data for business insights. Use these insights for market analysis, understanding customer behaviour, and strategic planning.
  • Find the Right Mix of AI and People: Understand AI’s strengths and limits and balance it with human skills. Value human creativity, emotional intelligence, and ethical thinking as important alongside AI in your workforce.

As we move further into the AI era, leading a business will be very different from before. This new environment needs more than just tech know-how. It requires a deep understanding of ethics, what society needs, and how to balance human and artificial intelligence. Leaders who do well in future will use AI for better efficiency and innovation, but also handle its challenges with care and responsibility. Embracing AI isn’t just about using new tools; it’s about reshaping leadership for a future where technology and people are more connected than ever.

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