Meet Aitana López. She earns 11,000 Euros a month. She’s completely fake in every sense of the word. She’s an AI!

In digital marketing, there’s change afoot. AI influencers, created using technology, are becoming popular because they save brands a ton of cash and are easy to control. They look real and have loads of followers. For example, using these AI influencers, H&M, the fashion brand, saved 91% on costs. But, even with this trend, human influencers still have a special place.

Here’s my advice to human influencers: Stay true to yourself. Your followers like you for your real personality, experiences, and opinions. This honesty builds trust, which is vital, especially when sharing your own stories, lifestyle tips, or reviewing products.

BUT, you’ve got to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Share your life experiences, show empathy, and interact with people. This kind of connection is something AI influencers can’t do – YET.

If you’re a human influencer with a special skill or interest, like fitness, travel, cooking, or being a parent, use that to your advantage. Your unique perspective and knowledge in these areas is interesting and helpful to people rather than general stuff from AI avatars.

Be creative and spontaneous with your content. Keep up with trends and find new ways to engage with your followers. You’ll always have an edge over the AI’s!

Don’t forget real-life experiences. Going to events, travelling, and sharing these adventures makes your content more exciting and relatable. Terminators don’t go to music festivals!

Finally, if you’re working with brands, remember they want genuine connections with influencers who fit their image. Your authenticity is just what they’re looking for.

While AI influencers are getting attention because they’re cheaper and easier for brands to use, humans still stand out. Stay genuine, connect with your audience, share your unique experiences, be creative, and use your real-life adventures to keep your followers engaged. There’s still a big need for the human touch in the influencer world!