Futurist Matt O'Neill keynoting at ECA International Conference 2024It’s a short article today. I’ve been reflecting on how the emergence of ‘Agentic AI’—where smart people soon employ a suite of AI agents (like Ava) to act on their behalf — will reshape the texture of white-collar work.

It seems obvious that those who will thrive:

A) Can sift through AI-generated ideas, identifying and curating genuinely innovative ones that create value for others.

B) Understand real-world challenges deeply and know how to use AI agents effectively to address these issues.

In an era where machines are insanely capable, the true distinction for us humans lies in our capacity to listen/observe attentively and in our adeptness at selecting and utilising the right mix of agents to solve problems creatively.

To do well in the next five years, get better at evaluating AI content and understanding real-life work problems. Start honing your skills in active listening and observing how things are done, and use AI tools at work to discover new and creative solutions. The more you improve in these areas, the better you’ll do in white-collar work where combining human insights with AI opens up new possibilities!